I have just begun an adventure! I have been talking about circumnavigating the British Isles in some sort of boat for some time. Nuala thought it would be wise to go with an organisation which had a few clues about what to do and found “The Round Britain Experience”. This is an operation run by Southwest Marine Training from their headquarters in Brixham in Devon. It does what it says on the tin in that a number of paying crew (five in our case) sail a substantial yacht (a Bavaria 45) round the British Isles via Dublin, John o’Groats, Edinburgh, London and the Channel Islands leaving on July 13th and returning on September 27th, covering approx 2500 miles. Two of the five hope to gain a Yachtmaster’s qualification and the rest hope to get to Coastal Skipper standard. The title of this record is a reference to a Radio 4 programme which I (and I suspect many others) listen to with much interest and little understanding.

26 thoughts on “Home

  1. chriswright2013

    As your agent, I plan to take publishing rights for this blog and if you are a good boy and do the trip safely and on time, I will give you a percentage, of the take.

    In the meantime have a great trip.

  2. Christopher Donne

    Your thoughts on the various lo
    Your thoughts on the various loos you have frequented are interesting Richard. But what’s wrong with the head on board and watering the shrouds when necessary?!! Christopher

    1. tony connolly

      God luck skip to you and the rest of the crew.I will now have time to get my golf back together.Anne sends her love.

  3. Liz Brooker

    Thank goodness you were there to take on the blog Richard, I know Keith would of been terrified if he had to do it !! Lovely photo, looking forward to hearing about how you all get on and how many varieties of ale you all can manage to partake in

  4. Patrick

    Good luck Dickie and enjoy the experience! Will be following the time (warped) log from the comforts of the armchair; a sure sign of envy. Good time of year to do a bit of sailing I guess and who knows, perhaps I’ll dust down the RYA Day (S)kipper (sic) and Yachtmaster books that have been gathering the residue on the shelves and take up the challenge. Meanwhile the golf might improve.
    Take care

  5. Michael

    Hi Pete, Glad you are still looking good on the photos,. Only one ore to paddle back, perhaps u could use a walking stick! Michael July 19th at 10:30am

      1. tony connolly

        Well spotted Chris.Oh to have time on ones hands. To err is to be human tis whot we arr,thou being a bumpkin from Ampshire ive traveled afar,from north to south and east to west and in that time ive met the best,but you my friend are above the rest.Good luck my friend. SPOT HOW MANY GRAMMATICAL MISTAKES IN THIS ONE.

  6. Graeme East

    Yes indeed – may the wind be in your favour and no alcohol until the sun’s gone below the yardarm….good luck!

    1. tony connolly

      Since the skip is away on the high seas no fishing but my golf is a lot better.maybe yourself Tony Tig and myself can get together for some beach or pier fishing.take care.

      1. Christopher Donne

        Appreciate your suggestion Tony but as you know I’m not much of a fisherman—I prefer the “life on the ocean waves”!! I always enjoy your teaching and help and the loan of equipment but I don’t think I would be much good on a beach or pier. Suggest we wait till the Master is back and then we can access how good he is as a true seafarer and whether he is any better at finding the best fishing spots. Seem to remember that he wasn’t much good before???


  7. Sheila Davies

    We have read your blog avidly and followed you all every nautical mile on our RNLI tea towel. Was good to meet you over Arbroath smokies. Thanks for keeping us so well entertained and enabling us to know what was really going on, Jackie and Peter will not be able to embellish their tales of the trip now.
    Well done what an achievement.


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