Day 82 – Thursday 25/09/14

Another rest day devoted to food and slumber. Phil had recommended a dockside cafe for breakfast and Keith and Richard duly indulged. They paid little attention to the old gentleman in the corner who turned out to be er… Phil and who graciously accepted their fulsome apologies in the spirit in which they were made. Back to RBE to find Phil seriously asleep and oblivious to the calls on Ch 16 to keep the noise down. Sue and Jackie and PeteR had gone off in various directions to see sights, buy postcards etc etc.

J & P were pleased to report later that they had travelled around the entire island by bus for £1 each. They had turned down the opportunity to view Victor Hugo’s house as it cost £7 pp to get in and, “once one has seen Les Miserables, what else is there to know?” They then found a french restaurant, Le Petit Bistro, which made up for its uninspiring title by providing excellent food and service and at which they blew a small fortune on lunch.

Keith wandered off looking for new showers before lunching at the yacht club where he was joined by Richard and a rejuvenated Phil. Two pints of Doom and a gigantic ham baguette saw Richard taking over sleeping duties before his return to RBE for blogging and booking of The Cherub Inn in Dartmouth for dinner on Friday.

Passage plans were prepared for Friday and Saturday and dinner, of grilled sausages, proper vegetables and proper gravy, was prepared by PeteR. Drinks were taken in the local pub as no-one could face the trek back to the yacht club.

St Peter Port and harbour

St Peter Port and harbour

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