Day 80 – Tuesday – 23/09/14

As it was a rest day, little happened. Nonetheless, readers are respectfully offered the quintessence of a marital relationship in: Jackie: Are you coming to help me choose a new book? PeteR: I am sure that I would love to.

The St Helier marina was busy.

St HelierMarina

St Helier Marina

One of its many niceties was the Beaufort Scale rendered in paving stones. Force 12 is normally described as: “Hurricane >64mph Wind capable of carrying boats short distances”. The Jersey rendition is shown below.

An alternative view

An alternative view

Useful activity included passage planning for Keith (Wednesday) and Jackie (Saturday). Careful, non-invasive examination of Jackie’s waypoints showed that her route from Dartmouth to Brixham would pass through a local caravan site.

The rest of the day focussed on food (nothing new there). Lunch for Phil, Keith and Richard at a cafe next to the Royal Yacht Hotel. Royal Yacht Burgers and proper Stella Artois hit the collective spot. Sue enjoyed a luxury Jersey ice cream while window shopping. Jackie made a sensible sandwich and opened a box of Pringles but did not eat it all (the author is advised that this is significant). PeteR, unsupervised, purchased a ham and cheese baguette which he cheerfully described as monstrous.

Dinner of fish chowder and strawberry meringues (two courses) was prepared by Richard. The day ended with a visit to the pub for beer and whisky and later a portion of chips for Phil.

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