Day 79 – Monday – 22/09/14

The day started with rather good egg and bacon banjos* prepared by No 1. These were followed by a very interesting talk on “Man Overboard’ by Phil focusing on performing the procedure under sail. We then set off to catch the famous Alderney Race which is a tidal stream running NE/SW at up to 7 knots. Ethel Wind was in residence so we motored most of the way.

We were having a really good sail at up to 9 knots along the southern coast of Jersey when we spotted a Condor Ferry leaving St Helier. These vessels go at up to 35 knots so it had our complete attention when we realised we were on a collision course. We did all the proper stuff by making a distinct move to starboard. Now only ½ mile away, he then altered course to port in order to maintain the collision course. By now, RBE was feeling collectively nervous so we quickly tacked to port and it was this manoeuvre, we surmise, which alerted the ferry to our presence. We suspect that no-one was actually on watch and their anti-collision software saved the day. So, a big MF to the skipper and crew of the ferry which left St Helier at about 15:30 on 22/09/14.

Our original plan was to moor on the visitors’ pontoon outside the marina. This was thwarted by the said pontoon being closed for maintenance. We were then invited to moor up “anywhere on pontoons E, F or G”. We selected a nice gap on F and then realised that the dock had no cleats which we could lasso from the boat. The day was saved by PeteR traversing from the boat to the dock (leaping would be too strong a term) and then running around like a dervish threading our lines into the metal loops provided.

A lassoable cleat

A lassoable cleat


An unlassoable loop

An unlassoable loop











Facilities were enjoyed (oh yes they were) before a sumptuous dinner of chicken pie with vegetables followed by jam tart. All the aforesaid was prepared by Jackie in total contradiction to the revered Duncan who, some months ago, firmly averred that cooking pastry on RBE was impossible.

RBE Chicken Pie

RBE Chicken Pie

This culinary milestone was followed by a quick visit to the Lamplighters Bar for welcome refreshment.

*Banjo is squaddyspeak for a roll containing egg and/or bacon. When the roll is munched, egg yolk, bacon fat or other detritus can fall onto the front of the consumer’s clothes causing their owner to make a strumming motion in order to remove said detritus.

3 thoughts on “Day 79 – Monday – 22/09/14

  1. Peter

    Dear Scribe of the Blog,

    I have enjoyed reading the adventures of ‘five go mad at sea’ aka as RBE. It is truly heartwarming to read the daily comments afloat and in JDW, where by all accounts many wrongs are righted or perhaps that should read the other way around? However, a note of caution is required as you near the end of this ultimate leg -beware TLA creepage!! I was initially amused at the introduction of a new TLA; when a few weeks ago Keith was described as a NOB! Whilst this is wholly appropriate and will in time be adopted by the OED, however the addition of a suffix to a TLA to describe Keith as a NOBette is enough to make Oscar Wild!! So please no more NOBettes as I am sure you will agree the TLA without appendage is completely apposite when describing Keith. I am sure the shopping spats suffered by the writer and his much abused crew mate will leave many a Coop till operative giggling with mirth.

    As you end this wonderful adventure I would like to pass on my thanks to Peter, Jackie, Sue, Keith and Richard for your hospitality in welcoming me aboard in Scrabster and looking after me so well until we parted company in Arbroath. I have some very happy memories.

    Regrettably, I will not be able to join you in Brixham on Saturday as you complete your circumnavigation of these great isles as I am working (well ok sailing) in Plymouth.

    Best Regards

    Peter OM*

    Ps Keith did you ever call Sheila a bird – I bet you didn’t?

  2. Richard Godfrey Post author

    Dear Peter, kind felicitations from all on RBE. Very sorry that we will not see you on Saturday. Thank you for a brilliant leg and much ‘armless fun! Seriously, we all thoroughly enjoyed your company and greatly appreciated your expert tuition. That entrance to Whitehills was just awesome!
    All the best,
    Jackie, Keith, PeteR, Phil, Sue and Richard


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